The NSAA(National Ski Area Association), as part of its on-going efforts to promote on-hill safety and responsible skiing and riding, has developed the #RideAnotherDay campaign, in partnership with Kelli and Chauncy Johnson. We as ambassadors of the sport have a duty to carry this powerful message to our coworkers, friends and families. 


Reckless skiing and riding is not acceptable.


(Click the poster below to view the video component of this campaign.)


Download #RideAnotherDay poster

Skiing/Riding with Music:

Relative to Stay Alert, I like to comment on the use of headphones/earbuds when skiing and riding. Listening to music  while on the slopes is a very enjoyable experience which many of us and our guests take advantage of. When doing so, please rock out responsibly. Dedicated speaker systems that many helmet manufacturers offer are the best option as you aren’t “plugging” your ears to sounds around you. Keep the volume low enough for a little background music. You should be able to easily hold a conversation with people on the chair lift. If you choose to use earbuds, only wear one at a time and again keep the volume at a responsible level.

Trevyn Newpher

Safety Coordinator

Steamboat Ski & Resort Corp.

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